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Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Property Investment with  10%-15% Projected Rental Yield p.a.

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Investment Highlights:

  • Rent paid by the Australian Government

  • Significantly higher rental yield compare to standard residential property investment

  • Positive cashflow 

  • In high demand with secured long-term tenancy

  • Opportunity to provide individuals a suitable home that can improve their lifestyle

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What is NDIS?

NDIS (The National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a scheme from Australian Government that provides funding for supports, services and suitable housing to individuals with permanent & significant disability.

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What is SDA?

SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) refers to housing for NDIS participants to cater for their support needs and improved independence.


To comply as SDA housing, the dwellings need to to comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) and SDA requirements.

Estimated around 28,000 people in the nation require SDA housing (as stated by SDA Provider and Investor Brief April 2018). There is huge demand in WA for new SDA housing.

NDIS SDA Stories 

SDA property investment returns substantial rental yield of 10%-15% while improving the life of others at the same time

The Benefit of Investing in SDA Property with Us

  • High Rental Yield (Potential returns of 10-15% p.a.)

It is up to three times more than a standard residential property investment of a similar cost!

  • We are NDIS registered SDA Service Provider

We build high-quality houses that comply with SDA requirements. We also assist our investors to secure long term tenants.

  • Government Security

You can invest with confidence, knowing you have got the federal government covering the rent.

  • Capital growth

On top of the lucrative rental returns, you can also enjoy capital growth.

  • Huge shortage

It is estimated that around 28,000 Australians require SDA housing. Investors have the opportunity to secure waiting SDA participants, without having to compete and worry about oversupply.​​​

  • Social impact

It is not just about investment. It is an opportunity to provide individuals a suitable home that can improve their lifestyle.



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9 brand new SDA housing that falls under the design category of IMPROVED LIVABILITY with OOA.

Achieved the Gold Standard for Australia's Livable Housing and SDA Standards

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6 quality SDA villas that fall under the design category of FULLY ACEESSIBLE with OOA, conveniently located in the heart of Armadale.

Achieved both Platinum Level Livable Housing Design and SDA Standards. 

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5 units SDA Housing that adheres with FULLY ACCESSIBLE, ROBUST and HIGH PHYSICAL SUPPORT SDA design with OOA.

Will be completed by Q1 2021. 

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SDA Housing that adheres with the ROBUST and HIGH PHYSICAL SUPPORT SDA design with OOA.

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SDA Housing that adheres with the ROBUST and HIGH PHYSICAL SUPPORT SDA design with OOA.


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